Bulk Oil and Vinegar

For any of our customers that find their bottles are empty faster than they'd like bulk oil and vinegar might be the way to go. Bulk oil and vinegar is perfect for customers with at-home fustis.
Arbequina Extra Virgin 1 gallon
Arbequina Extra Virgin 1 gallon
A wonderfully balanced extra virgin olive oil, mixing the aroma of fresh green apples, and green tea with a surprisingly peppery finish. This oil will add great flavor to  fresh salad greens or adding to your next pesto sauce and will add a subtle nuttiness to any dish you use it in. Our Arbequina EVOO is a wonderful everyday  olive oil.
Price: $133.00
25 Star Aged Balsamic 1 gallon
25 Star Aged Balsamic 1 gallon
Acidity, sweetness, spice, and a hint of wood meld together in harmony. Thick and black, the rich essence of balsamic vinegar brings excitement to salads, meats and vegetables. Our Aged Balsamic Vinegar comes from the juice of the Trebbiano grape cultivated on the mountainsides of Modena, Italy. Among experts, Balsamic from Modena is known ad the world's most valuable and best balsamic vinegar.
Price: $189.00

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