Blackberry Balsamic Peach & Chicken Kabobs

  • 4 small chicken breasts
  • 4, ripe peaches


  • 1/4 cup, il Fustino Blackberry Balsamic
  • 2 tbsp, il Fustino Basil Olive Oil
  • 1/2 tsp, kosher salt
  • 1 inch knob of ginger

  • il Fustino Aged Balsamic – for drizziling


Prepare the chicken by cutting it into large chunks.

Toss the chicken into a Ziploc bag with all marinade ingredients – remove the excess air and seal. Let sit for 30 minutes.

Slice peaches into large chunks – try to make these the same size as the chicken pieces.

Skewer your peaches and marinated chicken – alternating pieces of chicken with peaches.

Preheat grill. Grill for 5-7 minutes, flip and grill the other side until cooked through – another 5-7 minutes.

Once cooked remove from grill and drizzle with Aged Balsamic.