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Olio Nuovo - New Harvest 2023-2024Olio Nuovo - New Harvest 2023-2024
Olio Nuovo - New Harvest 2023-2024

As fresh as it gets!

Sale priceFrom $24.95
Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive OilArbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fruity, smooth and mild.

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Avocado OilAvocado Oil
Avocado Oil

Light, smooth and neutral.

Sale priceFrom $12.95
Basil Olive OilBasil Olive Oil
Basil Olive Oil

Sweet basil flavor with a fresh aroma.

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Blood Orange Olive OilBlood Orange Olive Oil
Blood Orange Olive Oil

Subtly sweet orange flavor without the acidity.

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Chipotle Olive OilChipotle Olive Oil
Chipotle Olive Oil

Warm and smoky with a hint of spice.

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Citrus Herb Olive OilCitrus Herb Olive Oil
Citrus Herb Olive Oil

Fresh and citrusy with a touch of jalapeno.

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Garlic Olive OilGarlic Olive Oil
Garlic Olive Oil

Rich and robust garlic flavor with a buttery finish.

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Habanero Olive OilHabanero Olive Oil
Habanero Olive Oil

Intense firey heat with subtle fruitiness.

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Harissa Olive OilHarissa Olive Oil
Harissa Olive Oil

A flavor-packed oil with a smoky and spicy finish.

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Herbes De Provence Olive OilHerbes De Provence Olive Oil
Herbes De Provence Olive Oil

Light, floral and fresh!

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Tuscan Garlic & Herb Olive OilTuscan Garlic & Herb Olive Oil
Tuscan Garlic & Herb Olive Oil

An herbaceous aroma with a touch of roasted garlic.

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Jalapeno Olive OilJalapeno Olive Oil
Jalapeno Olive Oil

Mildy fruity with crisp jalapeno heat.

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Lemon Olive OilLemon Olive Oil
Lemon Olive Oil

Beautifully bright with a fresh citrus edge.

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Mission Extra Virgin Olive OilMission Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Early Harvest yet buttery and light.

Sale priceFrom $21.95
Rosemary Olive OilRosemary Olive Oil
Rosemary Olive Oil

Wonderfully woody with a floral aroma.

Sale priceFrom $21.95