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Celebration Olio Nuovo

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Exclusively comprised of single varietal organic Frangivento olives, this limited release Olio Nuovo is a celebration of Santa Barbara’s winter harvest, as well as the traditional harvesting methods that bore it. Frangivento, which translates to “wind protection,” is an olive varietal that is rarely milled alone, but is highly sought after for its premium quality and high polyphenol count. This oil is difficult to produce by itself due to its medium-low yield (16%), combined with its need for other species of trees in order to pollinate. Thanks to our grower’s commitment to preserving olive diversity here in Santa Barbara County, we are fortunate to be able to offer this limited release! Hand-harvested and milled within hours of picking, this

Organic Olio Nuovo is brilliant in brightness andfreshness. It offers a wonderful balance of fruitiness, bitterness, and slight pepperiness, which makes it an ideal oil for the holiday season. To enjoy its exceptional elegance, we suggest you try pairing it with an array of fall and winter dishes, including vegetables, legumes, fish, and white meat.

Grown: In the heart of Santa Barbara’s wine country.

Origin: Native varietal to Puglia, Italy

Mill Date: November 27th, 2023