Matiz Tinned Seafood

These Matiz Gallego sardines, mussels, and mackerel are harvested off of the coast of Galacia: an area of Spain known for its incredible seafood. Using traditional fishing methods, Matiz helps to respect and preserve biological cycles, and each product is packed and prepared by hand with only the highest quality ingredients. Matiz seafood is tender, moist, and exceptionally flavorful. Enjoy a sardine on your favorite cracker, toss some mussels with fresh lemon and parsley, or snack on your seafood right out of the can!

SARDINES IN OLIVE OIL & PIQUILLO PEPPERS: sardines (fish), olive oil, piquillo peppers, salt.
WILD CAUGHT MACKEREL IN OLIVE OIL: mackerel (fish), organic extra virgin olive oil, salt.
LIGHTLY SMOKED SARDINES IN SPANISH OLIVE OIL: sardines (fish), olive oil, smoked aroma, salt.
WILD SARDINES NATURAL LEMON ESSENCE: sardines (fish), sunflower oil, natural lemon essential oil, sea salt.
WILD SPICY SARDINES WITH PIRI PIRI PEPPER IN OLIVE OIL: sardines (fish), olive oil, piri piri chili pepper, salt.

Serve simply with toasted bread and a hunk of machego.

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